So it’s been quite a long while since our last post to you guys. KP Engineering has been busy with several projects. The company has also been working relentlessly to make sure our clients get the best of services from us.

Since you last heard from us on the blog here, we’ve made several changes to our services.

KP Engineering now has a brand new website that utilises 3D designs for the products that we feature on the website. You will find these designs as you go through our products.

Our products now come with a 3-year warranty. If any faults related to the manufacturing of our products are discovered, then you’re covered by the warranty. The warranty also includes the integrity of welding. Note that rusting arising from negligence is a fault from the consumer and as such, is not covered by our warranty. Finishing is also not included on the warranty.

On the new website, the option to request a quote has been made easy. On the pages that contain our products, you’ll find that a ‘Get a Quote’ form has been added. This form has the ability for photos or PDFs to be uploaded. Also, a Get a Quote button has been added to the top right of the website. The button is always available so far you remain on the KP Engineering website.

You can request a quote by forwarding images of the site and estimated measurements. This would be reviewed and a ‘Quick Quote’ containing an estimate will be sent. Afterwards, a visit will be fixed so your preferences would be talked about. After the visit, another quote will be issued which would be the final quote.

You’ll then make a deposit to confirm the order, after which you’ll receive a confirmation email. The design will then be sent to you so you can give us your reply. Once you give us the go ahead, we proceed to manufacture the product in our 5000 sq/ft factory situated in Wembley. The finished product will then be delivered to you. If you choose, you can have it installed by our team.

KP Engineering remains a top brand in the steel manufacturing world. The qualities that make our products stand out are numerous. Our fences and grilles are made high enough to make you, your family, and your visitors stay secure. Our products last in terms of beauty and durability because they stand the test of time and all types of weather.

Our products are garnished with anti-corrosive finishes to make maintenance easy for our clients. Note, some finishes require maintenance whilst others do not. Please visit our Finishing Options page for more info. The design of our manufactured steel go well with our clients’ choice depending on a retro look or a look that is more recent.

KP Engineering has spent 29 years in the steel manufacturing market. We’re still on and stronger than ever before.