Choosing your wrought iron doors and gates

Here at KP Engineering, we have numerous wrought iron doors and gates available. Whether you are looking for wrought iron doors and gates for a commercial property or domestic building, we can help.

As you will probably be aware, wrought iron is, in fact, an archaic material and is no longer used by manufacturers. We highlight this fact throughout our website to ensure that our customers are not misled in any way.

That said, many people do still use the term ‘wrought iron’ to describe some metal products. After all, the steel that is now used to replace it, shares many similar qualities.

Therefore, please do bear in mind that all the doors and gates from KP Engineering are actually made from steel, although, we will be referring to them as wrought iron doors and gates.

If you’re not 100% sure about what exactly to consider when it comes to choosing your wrought iron doors and gates, then take a look at some advice from KP Engineering below.

Consider the level of security you require

Depending on where you live or work you may require different levels of security, for example, areas with high levels of crime generally require tall gates and railings. You’d also need taller gates and railings installed if you were a business with hazardous or expensive products or equipment kept within it.

Areas where security threats are lower may be content with lower railings which in many locations still provide ample security, and can be preferred for subtlety.


You’ll, of course, need to base your purchase on your budget. That said, our wrought iron doors and gates offer excellent quality at great value. What’s more, we have a design to suit a range of budgets.


The type of wrought iron gates and railings you choose will, no doubt, depend on the amount of usage they will receive. After all, you’ll want a simple opening and closing design for those gates that have a lot of use.


You may not be aware but there are indeed various designs available for our wrought iron doors and gates. This means that they are suitable for many different property designs and styles.

Our doors and gates are available with various ornamental features, as well as different heights and functions.

Feel free to browse our website for the different options of gates and railings we have. You can also contact us if you feel we can help you when you are deciding on your metal gates and railings.