Finishing Options

We offer the following finishing options for our metalwork:

Red Oxide Primer. This is a ‘no frills’ finish and the cheapest available option. We apply a single coat of red oxide primer (i.e an undercoat to the metalwork), ready for on site painting by others in whatever colour you like! On going maintenance will be required.

Red Oxide Primer and Painted Black. Here we apply a single coat of red oxide primer, allowing it to dry and then applying a single coat of satin matt black paint. The paint is sprayed on to the metalwork in our factory. We recommend that you apply at least one more coat of black paint subsequent to delivery or installation. We cannot state how long this will protect the metalwork from rusting, but it is advisable to touch up at least once a year or sooner. On going maintenance will be required.

Powder Coated Only. Metalwork can be finished as powder coated only. Although powder coating provides a lovely smooth finish, we discourage a powder coated only finish to externally exposed products as the metalwork beneath the powder coating can rust. In addition, powder coating can chip during installation or transport, resulting in exposed metalwork. Once the metalwork rusts or the powder coating chips, it is difficult to re-store as you cannot hand paint over a powder coated finish using traditional paint brush methods – it just won’t match or look right. Spray touch up is possible, but again it is not an ideal solution. Powder coated only is recommended for internal metalwork, but not to externally exposed items.

Galvanised Only. We are able to hot dip galvanise our products. Galvanising will stop the metalwork from rusting. This is a long term finish. Galvanising is usually considered to be an industrial finish and does not always produce a smooth surface. It is silver/grey in colour and is likely to become darker over time as it weathers. The metalwork can be left in a galvanised only state or it can be painted on top by first applying a mordant T-wash solution which acts as an undercoat to the paint. It can also be powder coated prior to delivery or installation.

Galvanised and Painted Black. The metalwork is galvanised by being dipped in a basin of hot zinc, then prepared with a mordant T-wash solution and then sprayed with one coat of black paint in our factory. The galvanising protects the underlying metalwork from rust, however you will need to maintain the black painted finish from time to time.

Galvanised and Powder Coated. This is expensive but ultimately one of the best finishes available for metalwork. It combines the benefit of an anti-rust undercoating to the metalwork (i.e. the galvanising) with a lovely smooth powder coated finish.