Garden railing ideas from KP Engineering

If you own your own property that has any kind of outdoor space, then you’ll need some kind of garden railings or fencing. Some people opt for bricks, particularly in a front garden of a property in the city or urban space, others opt for wooden fencing and, of course, metal railings.

Here at KP Engineering, we specialise in metal railings and have a passion for metal and steel fabrications. Therefore, we have a range of garden railing ideas that you may be interested in for your property, particularly if you are looking for metal garden railings.

The advantages of metal garden railings

One of the main advantages of having metal garden wall railings is, of course, that they tend to be much more secure than wooden garden railings. If you are essentially hoping to increase the security of your property, then metal garden rails are your best bet. After all, wooden garden railings are much easier to destroy and more likely to be affected by wear and tear from the weather and daily use.

Metal railings are also the best choice of garden rails for the disabled and can improve access into and out of a property.

At KP Engineering, our ramp railing is particularly beneficial for those who have a disability. What’s more, our various garden railing design ideas mean that, although your railings are primarily for practical use, they still have a great aesthetic for your property too.

More garden railing ideas

There are many different products available from KP Engineering that offer different garden railings design. Therefore, we can provide varied products from different properties and customer desires.

Some of the garden railing ideas that we have available are:

  • Wall top railings
  • Short fencing
  • Tall fencing
  • Single/double leaf short gates
  • Single/double leaf tall gates
  • Terrace railings
  • Juliet railings
  • Sliding gates
  • Privacy screens
  • Staircases and balustrades

And, if you can’t see anything here that is what you’re looking for, there’s more where that came from!

We find that the most popular types of garden railings tend to be wall top railings, and short and tall fencing. With many people favouring the practical use of these railings and also their great aesthetic.

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