Garden railings and gates from KP Engineering

Now the weather has considerably improved and got brighter, we’re probably spending larger amounts of time in our gardens and thinking about the ways in which we can improve our outdoor space.

However, the only way to enhance your garden is not simply just by getting your gardening gloves on and picking up a shovel. In fact, garden railings and gates can make your garden look even better, increase your property’s value and significantly improve the outdoor area of your home.

Garden railings and gates provide an increased level of security, as well as improve the aesthetics of your house and, as a rule, don’t cost the earth.

Take a look at the garden railings and gates from KP Engineering, thinking about how they can significantly advance your home.

Garden Railings

Garden railings are suitable for both front and back gardens and are available from KP Engineering in completely different designs.

You can even opt for bespoke fencing where required, and the railing can be finished with various options. Our finishing materials include paint, powder coating, primer and galvanisation, and ensure the perfect finish for your property.

Our team use CAD design to construct a design for your garden railing that you can see before the product is made, so that you can make sure you approve of the style for your home.

Wrought Iron Gates

The wrought iron gates from KP Engineering, controversially, are not actually made from wrought-iron as they are, in fact, carefully constructed from mild steel.

That said, because of the high levels of carbon content that make-up mild steel (similarly to wrought iron), combined with the classic designs from KP Engineering, our wrought iron gates have a traditional appearance.

Wrought Iron Fences and Railings

Also constructed from mild steel that is a metal that shares the same appearance and properties as wrought iron, the wrought iron fences from KP Engineering are an excellent, more luxurious looking, and durable alternative to wooden fences.

Whatever your reason for wanting a wrought iron fence, we can construct the perfect wrought iron fence for your property at KP Engineering.

Our wrought iron railings are again made from mild steel and can act as both a security and aesthetic feature in your home.

Metal Fences and Railings

The metal railings and metal fences from KP Engineering are also available in a range of different designs and with bespoke finishes.

KP Engineering are experts in manufacturing first-class metal railings and fences, suitable for both commercial and domestic use. Therefore, you can be sure to receive quality garden railings and gates for your home.