Have yourself some Victorian railings for 2018

No matter what type of railings you choose for the exterior of your property, you can be sure that they’ll increase the security of your property and look great too.

Here at KP Engineering, our railings are made of mild steel since we feel that these are the most effective railings on the market.

Victorian railings, particularly, are the kind of railing that look far higher quality when made from metal railings. Their ornamental style and classic look means that the fact that they are made from premium metal makes them traditional, sophisticated and impressive.

Many types of railings can be manufactured with a Victorian finish. Here at KP Engineering, we can galvanise metal railings and gates to suit the style you want and also add various ornamental features.

If you have decided you would like to invest in Victorian railings for 2018, you’ll need to consider:

The type of railing you would like

Decide on the type of railing you would like by considering the purpose of the railings. Are they for an entrance or doorway? Are they for a front garden or perhaps a balcony or roof top?

Some of the types of railing we have available to create with a Victorian edge are:

When choosing your type of railing, you should primarily think about where your railings are being fitted, the size of railings you would like and your main reason for having the railings installed.

You’ll need to decide on the finish of your railings and any features you’d like:

Here are a few images of some Victorian style railings that may inspire you when choosing the railings for your property:

A Victorian- influenced roof terrace railing

Despite the modern looking screen in the above image, you can see that the railing is fairly ornamental and galvanised with a dark finish. A more modern roof terrace railing may be galvanised with a silver paint and would feature more contemporary even lines. Perhaps like the image below, for example:

A Victorian style wall top railing

A traditional Victorian railing, whatever the type, will generally feature more ornamental features. Therefore, you’ll see that a wall top railing with a Victorian edge is similar to the Victorian influenced roof terrace railing above:

Victorian Juliet Railings

You can see that all our Victorian railings look identical to Victorian wrought iron railings, although they are made from mild steel. We use mild steel as an alternative to wrought iron (wrought iron is no longer available), however, aim for our railings to maintain their traditional and beautiful edge.

Take a look at an example of some Victorian Juliet railings:

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