Invest in new fencing for your property this winter

The fencing surrounding a property can, most definitely, change the entire exterior aesthetic of your property.

Whether you are looking for fencing for a domestic or commercial property, you’ll find only high-quality, superior steel fencing solutions from KP Engineering.

Christmas is undoubtedly a great time to invest in our properties, and add value to our homes and commercial buildings. Therefore, if you are thinking of investing in new fencing for a domestic or commercial property this winter, we have a range of fabulous fencing options at KP Engineering.

Our steel fencing options include: Tall fencing, short fencing and mild steel fences.

We are specialists in supplying, manufacturing and installing steel fabrications for a range of properties, therefore here’s what we think you should consider when investing in new fencing for your property this winter:


Before choosing what type of fencing you will invest in this winter, you should think about the level of security of your property and what type of fencing would suit how secure you want your property to be.

Of course, steel fencing is a much more secure option of fencing than hardwood and timber, and can additionally be embellished with sharp ornamental features that have an aesthetical purpose and also act as a deterrent.

The level of security you require from your fencing will, of course, depend on where your property is situated, what you have inside the property and whether it is a commercial building or domestic property.

Tall fencing, for example, is a great option where you would like extra security or extra privacy within a home or commercial building. Tall fencing can help keep people out of your commercial property or home, and can also play a part in preventing pets and children escaping.

Bespoke appearances

You will undoubtedly want to consider what you want your fencing to look like outside your property. Short fencing, for example, will help you cordon off any boundaries, perhaps surrounding your garden, around an outdoor patio area or between your property and the pavement. That said, short fencing won’t have the added secludedness offered by tall fencing.

If you would like to opt for a more affluent-looking fence, that has added security features, you may wish to opt for a mild steel fence. Mild steel fences are often referred to under the historical term of wrought-iron fences in the industry. Wrought iron, as a material itself, is no longer available but mild steel fences are very similar (if not identical) to the traditional wrought-iron fences. Not only are wrought-iron fences extremely popular, they can be finished to your bespoke requirements.

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