KP Engineering are excited to announce our new range of wall top railing designs!

Launched last week, here at KP Engineering, we are proud of our brand-new range of wall top railing designs.

Because wall top railings are so popular in London, it’s surrounding areas and the rest of the UK, we’ve decided to expand our range so that every property owner, whether domestic or commercial, can find the best wall top railings to suit them.

We’ve designed a standard range, which features standard-sized bars and a premium range with thicker bars in order to meet all budgets.

Wall top railings have a lot to offer in terms of extra security and, what’s more, they make the outside of a home far more sophisticated.

Here is an example of some wall top railings that we have fitted recently:

These wall top railings were fitted in order to secure the boundary of the property and feature a galvanised and coated finish.

These railings are just one in a range of wall top railings that we can fit to a property.

The owners are hugely happy with the fitting of the railings and we have to agree that the house looks far more sophisticated and separate from the street. What’s more, they are particularly higher (and better!) than the neighbouring property.

So what style of wall top railings have we got available? If you are interested in purchasing wall top railings from KP Engineering but aren’t quite sure of what style to opt for, have a look at some of our designs below:

Standard Wall Top Railings

We have around 20 different designs of standard wall top railings to choose from, from plainer styles to more ornamental, you should find a choice of wall top railing that suits your budget and your property’s style.

As you can see the design styles range dramatically, so that we can cater for more modern properties, as well as more historical buildings, like Georgian and Victorian constructions.

No matter which style you choose, what all the standard wall top railing designs have in common is the size of the bars. Standard wall top railings have standard-sized bars, and therefore are better suited to customers who are on a tighter budget.

If you are looking for thicker steel bars, then you will want to choose a design from our premium range. While both of our design ranges offer excellent value for money, because the mild steel is thicker in our premium range styles, these wall top railings do tend to be more expensive.

As well as thicker bars, the Premium Range railings also feature heavy duty railheads.

Take a look at our premium range below:

As you can see both our premium and standard ranges feature decorative designs that will make a positive aesthetic addition to many commercial and domestic properties.

If you would like some advice on choosing your wall top railings, then please do not hesitate to contact us at KP Engineering.

We’re not stopping there either!

We are also in the process of developing a range of matching gates and more brand-new product designs! Watch this space!