Outdoor stair railing options from KP Engineering

KP Engineering are experts in manufacturing and producing high-quality metal and steel works. Our metal fabrications are popular amongst both domestic and commercial customers and offer complete customer satisfaction.

We find that outdoor stair railing options are a popular product for both domestic customers and larger businesses. After all, accessibility is a primary concern nowadays and is important for a variety of people, particularly those with a mobility issue or disability. However, outdoor stair railings are also a popular choice for increasing security in the home and improving the outdoor aesthetic of your home.

At KP Engineering, we have a range of outdoor stair railing options for you to choose from. Whether you are looking for unique stair railings with an elegant, ornamental design for your property or would prefer a simple finish, you’ll find appropriate metal railings from KP Engineering.

When choosing your outdoor stair railings, you should consider:

  • The reason for purchasing your stair railings: Are they purely aesthetic, does your domestic or property feature a steep slope on the entrance, are the railings primarily for security, do your railings need to comply with certain building regulations etc.?
  • The design of your stair railings
  • How tall you would like your stair railings to be?
  • Are your outdoor stair railings housing a garden?
  • Are the stair railings for the front or rear of the property?
  • Your budget (this may affect the style of stair railing you opt for)

Types of outdoor stair railings from KP Engineering:

Garden Railings

Garden railings have a variety of uses. Whether you are a business looking to secure your company’s garden or an individual customer wanting railings to surround your garden, KP Engineering can manufacture the perfect garden railings for you.

Garden railings can help protect children and pets, particularly in gardens within busy and built-up areas. They can also separate your garden from that of your neighbours and increase security around your home or business.

Short Fencing

Short fencing is incredibly popular in domestic gardens. No matter what the size of your garden, you’ll find a suitable style of short fencing from KP Engineering.

Tall Fencing

Tall fencing is similarly available with a range of designs from KP Engineering and offers an increased level of security to short fencing.

Tall fencing may be most popular in built-up commercial locations and also for larger domestic houses in the country or city centre. Tall fencing is also used in public parks and large public spaces.

Ramp Railings

Ramp railings are important for access and are required in homes and company buildings that require disabled access. In fact, current building regulations require that buildings are accessible to all.

Ramp railings may also be useful for particularly steep or hilly drives or entrances and exits.

Juliet Railings

Juliet railings refers to the style of railings used on a property’s balcony and are essential for safety, particularly for balconies that are above ground level. Juliet railings additionally have a sophisticated and elegant aesthetic, ideal for both domestic and commercial properties.

More information about our outdoor star railing options from KP Engineering

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