Purchasing new gates for your property this Spring

Spring can offer the perfect time to make improvements to your property. Although the harsher winter weather may often put us off thinking about making home improvements, Spring is just around the corner and can be a great time to make the changes to your property, particularly those that you’ve been wanting to get done for a while.

What’s more, gates are a particular purchase that can improve our property this Spring. After all, we’ll probably be spending more time in the garden and looking to make the most of our outdoor space, as the days get lighter and the weather becomes milder.

KP Engineering offer a range of gates that work perfectly in domestic homes. Take a look at our choice of gates below:

Sliding Gates

KP Engineering design and manufacture both tall and short sliding gates. Our sliding gates are ideal where you would prefer your gate not to open inwards or outwards, making for a gate that is incredibly space-saving.

Our tall sliding gates and short sliding gates run on tracks, or a trackless cantilever system, which means that, when open, the gate is completely out the way.

Both tall sliding gates and short sliding gates are suitable for domestic properties, although, tall sliding gates tend to be the choice of gate for properties that require extra security.

Bi-Fold Gates

Another space-saving design of gate, the bi-fold gates from KP Engineering are available in both tall and short sizes.

Bi-fold gates are also useful where there is a sleep slope leading up to the property entrance. That said, there must be enough space for solid brick piers, or heavy duty steel posts, to secure the bi-fold gates in place.

Single Leaf Gates

Our single leaf gates are ideal for front gardens and have been manufactured to the highest quality with KP Engineering.

Our single leaf gates are available in both tall and short sizes, and suit a range of different properties. From modern homes, to traditional and period properties, our single leaf gates offer added security and a sophisticated aesthetic to the outside of your home.

Double Leaf Gates

KP Engineering offer a range of styles for our double leaf gates. Our double leaf gates suit different properties and are often used to separate driveways from public pavements or to secure front gardens. In addition, we can automate double leaf gates for user convenience.

Contact us KP Engineering

If you would like to find out more about the gates that we have available at KP Engineering, then please do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll help you purchase new gates for your property this Spring.

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