Safety And Security

Safety is an important aspect for everyone. Every homeowner deserves to feel safe and secure within their own home, which is why the demand for roof terrace rails, garden rails, double leaf tall gates and collapsible grilles have increased significantly within the past couple of years. Unfortunately reports of burglaries are on the rise throughout the UK, which is why more and more people are choosing to invest in collapsible grilles.

Implementing collapsing grilles into your home is a great way of deterring potential burglars from entering your home. They can be subtly hidden behind curtains or blinds when open and provide a great standard of protection from burglars when closed. Here at KP Engineering Works Ltd, we provide collapsible grilles which are made to measure, ensuring that they’re a perfect fit within your home. Installation of all our collapsible secure grilles is carried out by our highly trained and friendly staff.

If you want to provide protection around the exterior of your home, garden rails and double leaf tall gates are ideal. We have a large variety of garden rail styles to suit your home and appeal to all tastes. Our double leaf tail gates are ideal for deterring intruders, whilst increasing the attractiveness of your home. Here at KP Engineering Works Ltd, we pride ourselves on providing an effective and efficient turn around service. We do this by setting realistic deadlines, therefore giving our customers an achievable completion date.