Sliding Gates VS Swinging Gates

To swing or to slide, that is the question. What are the advantages and disadvantages of swinging gates and sliding gates? The main difference between the two is that sliding gates slide in and out whilst swinging gates swing open and closed in a wide half-circle.

Sliding Gates

Most commonly used when other gate installations aren’t possible, sliding gates are great if you have limited space and rough ground. Rather than having a gate that opens inwards or outwards, sliding gates either run on tracks or a trackless cantilever system.

Why Are Sliding Gates Used?

· When larger metal and more commercial gates are being installed

  • As a residential driveway or entrance
  • If a driveway or entrance has an upwards slope behind the gate, thus stopping a swing gate from being fitted
  • In all sorts of commercial and residential properties

What Are the Benefits of Sliding Gates?

  • Increased security
  • Less vulnerability in high wind loading situations
  • They look especially elegant in front gardens, and are a great way to secure your driveway
  • Secured using hook locks or gate automation

What Are the Features of Sliding Gates?

  • Slide towards the left or right
  • Run on tracks, or a trackless cantilever system, keeping them out the way when open
  • They can be automated, which is ideal for car parks, or can be secured with a sliding gate hook locks
  • Available in tall or short sizes

Swing Gates

The main benefit of swinging gates is the fact they’re incredibly low-maintenance, particularly if it’s a manual gate. Unlike other gate types, swing gates involve no motor or electronics, making them really easy to use. They can be automated if required. They’re also cheaper than sliding gates.

Why Are Swinging Gates Used?

  • For safeguarding your front garden, whether you want to keep intruders out, or keep kids and pets inside
  • No concrete work or steel beam is required unlike Sliding Gates
  • Swing gates look elegant offer a more welcoming feeling when entering a property
  • Perfect for lots of different properties, including period to modern homes
  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • Can open internally and externally

What Are the Benefits of Swinging Gates?

  • Less expensive than sliding gates
  • Swing gates are easy to install
  • Require less maintenance than a slide gate

What Are the Features of Swinging Gates?

Deciding between sliding gates and swing gates can be a tricky decision to make. Luckily, there are professionals like us at KP Engineering; we can help you decide the right fencing material and the type of gate to suit your budget, and that meets your residential or commercial property’s needs.