The Best Gates and Railings in London

Big Ben in sunny day, London

Here at KP Engineering, we manufacture and provide the best gates and railing in London. All our wall railings and gates are made to the highest quality and are guaranteed to increase the aesthetic appeal of many London properties, as well as help with security issues.

In London, the gates and railings surrounding the country parks and gardens always look impressive and give a sense of pride expressed by the city. Here at KP Engineering, we like to provide high-quality gates and railings for those living in London properties to continue the smart appearance of the city.

Whether you live in a high-rise London flat or a large detached property in the suburbs, you’ll find wall railings and gates to suit what you are looking for with KP Engineering.

We are immensely proud of the range of metal railings and gates we offer. From Juliet railings, to short fencing to large garden gates and more, our metal railings are hard-wearing, durable and perfect for a range of London properties.

Why opt for metal over wooden gates and railings?

If you live in London and are looking to invest in new gates and railings, we suggest that you opt for metal because it is stronger and far more durable than wooden alternatives.

As experts in manufacturing metal gates, we have adapted the best designs of fencing, railings and gates that withstand harsh weather conditions and can fit various properties.

The great thing about metal gates and railings is the fact that they are much more likely to last through tough weather and offer increased security levels.

Choosing the right railings for your London property

Enjoy browsing our range of gates and railings, exploring what you feel would best suit your property.

Gate and railings options for high rise flats and apartments

Roof terrace railings

Roof terrace railings are essential for open roof top spaces. The roof terrace railings from KP Engineering have a sophisticated design and, therefore, look great as well as make a space safer.

Juliet railings

Juliet railings are fantastic for small balconies on high-rise flats, where a small space is needed, perhaps for a washing line or a few plant pots outside a flat or apartment block.

Terrace stair balustrades

Terrace stair balustrades are essential in many properties to assure the safety of a building.

Recommended gates and railings for terraced London properties

Wall top railings

Wall top railings offer a great aesthetic outside terraced properties in London, as well as a wider variety of buildings.

Short and tall fencing

We have both short and tall fencing available for a variety of properties.

Single leaf and double leaf gates

Choose from both single leaf and double leaf gates based on the size and style of your property.

Browse more gates and railings from KP Engineering

Our gates and railings can be manufactured for and installed in areas slightly outside of the London area too.