Three new single leaf short gate designs from KP Engineering

KP Engineering are excited to announce three new single leaf short gate designs, suitable for both domestic and commercial properties available for our customers.

Our brand new single leaf short gate designs come as a result of the increasing popularity of short gates for installation in various properties.

So what is so special about our new short leaf gate designs? And how are they unique from other gate designs from KP Engineering?

Let’s introduce the three new single leaf short gate designs, so that you can see for yourself:

Pedestrian Gate 17

Pedestrian Gate 17 features two layers of ornamental tips on the gate that offer further security, as well as an aesthetic touch. Pedestrian Gate 17 looks great as a central feature of a domestic property, and also works well in parks and other public spaces. The double bars at the bottom of the gate add a finer detail to the gate and can also be beneficial if you have pets that you would like to keep in the garden, to protect them from a busy road, for example.

Pedestrian Gate 16

Pedestrian Gate 16 is similar to Pedestrian Gate 17, although it does not feature the double bar detail at the bottom of the gate. Pedestrian Gate 16 is, therefore, a good alternative to Gate 17 if you’d like an equally sophisticated design with slightly less detailing.

Pedestrian Gate 15

Pedestrian Gate 15 is even simpler in design again, however, just because the design is less embellished, the gate is not of any less quality or prestige than the other two gate designs. Pedestrian Gate 15 has a practical wide shape and features vertical bars, in addition, to the edging bars, as well as one horizontal bar going through the middle.

The gate has a sense of transparency about it and will work well in both modern and traditional homes, as well as public spaces.

More short leaf gate designs from KP Engineering

We have a further 16 short leaf gate designs available for domestic and commercial customers at KP Engineering. Whether you know what kind of design you are looking for, or if you’d like some further advice, please do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.