Wrought Iron Fencing and Its Benefits

The addition of a wrought iron fence is highly beneficial for both security and aesthetic reasons. Wrought iron fencing has numerous purposes in both residential and commercial properties.

Whether you choose to use them for commercial or residential purposes, wrought iron railings have loads of advantages and benefits – in fact, you really can’t go wrong with them. Functional, practical and secure, these iron gates will ensure the safety of those on your property, all while looking stylish.

What’s Wrought Iron?

Although the term “wrought iron” is often used when describing a specific type of railing and fencing, the material itself is no longer available.

Instead, most wrought iron fences are actually made from a similar substrate known as mild steel (which is what all of our products are made from). Mild steel contains many similar properties, including excellent malleability and low carbon content, and as it is easier to produce on a mass scale, it began surpassing wrought iron in terms of popularity in the 1970s.

Wrought iron is still made for tasks such as restoration and preservation work, but most products such as railings, fences, handrails, gates, and indeed furniture bearing the name – are in fact produced using mild steel.

A Brief History of Wrought Iron

Wrought iron was a tough material commonly used in Victorian times to create metal-works such as fencing, and was often hand-worked by blacksmiths. Today, we can still create this bespoke, early-19th century style that is ideal for products like London railings by using the more modern, cost effective mild steel instead.

1. Hard-Wearing

One of the main advantages of wrought iron fencing is that it’s an awful lot stronger than other commonly used materials, like vinyl or wood. Thanks to being incredibly tough in structure, it’s hard to break making it one of the most secure fencing solutions for security purposes. Additionally, its sturdiness means that wrought iron fences will last much longer than other fences. Generally, these types of fences are easy to maintain, particularly if they’re painted. By painting a wrought iron fence, the coating stops tiny pits from forming in the metal, which often collect corrode-inducing substances

2. Attractive

It’s called “wrought iron” for very good reason. The iron can be wrought into many unique designs and shapes, whilst the alloy itself is flexible and elastic in texture – making it perfect for designers and artists to form into ingenious patterns. Here are a few examples of interestingly designed wrought iron fence designs, if you’re in need of some inspiration.

3. Robust and Easy to Maintain

The last thing any homeowner or landlord wants is the challenge of upkeeping their fence, however, these iron fences require minimal maintenance. In fact, they can take the most extreme weather conditions thanks to being so durable. Unlike vinyl or wood, wrought iron fences are less prone to damage.

4. Sturdy and Secure

Known for its strength, wrought iron gates were designed to keep intruders at bay for maximum security in homes or commercial properties. What’s more, they give a decent amount of security to buildings. Wrought iron is extremely tough, which means there’s hardly any chance of it breaking. Even better, its sharp edges on the top prevent trespassers or burglars from climbing over the top.

5. Good for Landscaping

Did you know wrought iron fences encourage and support the growth of hedges and climbers around them, really adding a touch of beauty to your property? In fact, professional landscapers tend to use wrought iron for enhancing the beauty of a garden.

6. Unbelievably Versatile

Incredibly versatile, wrought iron fences are available in a variety of sizes and styles and can be painted in an assortment of colours. The iron can be shaped into a design of your choice.

Here at KP Engineering, we build bespoke wrought iron fences for both residential and commercial applications. Our tailor-made wrought iron fencing can add both style and glamour to your property decor as well as offering additional security features. Please Note: Many products retain the name “wrought iron”, but as this material is no longer available on a commercial scale, our products are used from an incredibly similar material known as mild steel.