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Bespoke Short Fence Panels
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If you want to cordon off areas of your garden or create borders, then we can create short fencing made with high-quality metal to smarten up any outdoor space. Short fence panels are ideal for when you need to create boundaries but don’t need the security of a tall fence, and we’ve created all sorts of metal railings and fences for commercial and domestic customers.

KP Engineering offers made to measure and bespoke short metal fences, so you can get the exact size and style that you need. We use computer-aided design to show you what the finished product will look like, and can add decorative features to add interest to your garden.

Benefits of Short Fence Panels

The main benefit of short wrought iron fences is the level of security they provide for your property as well as offering style and texture which adds refinement and antiquity to your home. With numerous styles to choose from, you’re not limited in your design choices. Even if you opt for a chain link fence, whilst it’s not as pretty as other types of short fence panels, it can provide second-to-none security for you, your family or your employees without incurring a considerable price tag for the maintenance of it. Other benefits include:

Security. Short fence panels are extremely secure, making it difficult for burglars and unwanted trespassers to get through. In contrast to wood that may get compromised with time, metal fencing will remain robust and strong for many years.

Require little maintenance. Metal fences involve hardly any maintenance whilst wood fences require more care to keep them in tip-top condition. Metal fencing doesn’t need frequent upkeep or treatment and cleaning is effortless – simply wipe over with a cloth or use a hose.

Cost effective. Short wrought iron fence panels are a budget-friendly choice, as once they’re fitted correctly by a professional, they involve minimal cost, as they’re thoroughly durable, needing next to no repairs or replacement. Should they need repairing, expect it to be marginal and a lot cheaper than fixing wooden fencing.

Attractive. Available in a slew of styles, short fence panels are aesthetically pleasing and can really enhance the look of your property whilst serving as a security tool.

Long-lasting. Unlike wood fences, metal fencing can tolerate harsh weather conditions, as they’re a lot harder to bend or break. Ants, for example, wouldn’t compromise their functionality – all the fence requires is a decent coating of anti-rust paint and it’ll outlive a wooden fence by numerous decades.

Where Are Short Wrought Iron Fence Panels Used?

Short fencing is often used in public areas such as parks to stop people from wandering onto flowerbeds, or perhaps to establish boundaries. We’ve created fencing for domestic clients, schools, local councils, and trade customers, so we can offer fencing for all sorts of uses. This type of fencing can also be useful for deterring certain animals such as cats, and railheads can be used to prevent climbing.

What Are Short Fence Panels Made from?

All of our high-quality fencing is made in our Wembley factory, and with many years of experience creating metal products, you can be sure your products will be of a high standard. You can choose to paint your own fencing, or have it delivered powder coated, painted black, or galvanised, the choice is yours. If you live in the London or South-East areas, we can install your fencing too, and offer a measuring service in certain areas so you can be sure of the perfect finish. Why not complement your fencing with a high-quality single leaf short gatedouble leaf short gateshort bi-fold gate or short sliding gate?

Our Metalwork Your Way!

All of our products can be customised to meet your requirements.

Our infill bars can be made from hollow or solid bars. Their profile can also be round or square. Our railheads can be swapped with another type from a wide range of styles and we can even manufacture our products with or without railheads. Each products can be made with or without an arched top. When requesting a quotation please let us know if you have any preferences and we’ll be happy to help.