Tall Fencing Panels from KP Engineering

If you want to benefit from increased security and privacy, then adding tall fencing to your property can be the ideal solution, but some people dislike the look of wooden fences. KP Engineering offers an elegant alternative, with a range of stylish metal fences for domestic and commercial properties.

Why Buy Tall Fence Panels?

This strong, sturdy fencing acts as a deterrent for would-be intruders, as well as helping to prevent children and pets from escaping the garden.

Metal fencing is much more secure than the standard wooden fence panels as it’s sturdier and harder to climb. When you add toppers such as metal spikes, these offer an interesting finishing touch, but also add extra protection, making them very difficult to scale.

What Are the Advantages of Tall Fence Panels?

Metal fencing, in fact, provides a whole gamut of benefits to homeowners. When fitted by a fence company that has an exceptional track record, you can count on your home to become the jewel of the area. Here are some noteworthy benefits that metal fencing offers.

Long-lasting and hard-wearing. Also, with tall fencing, one of the significant advantages is how long it lasts. Wrought iron fencing should be painted every 10 to 15 years but if it’s carefully maintained, it’ll last many more years. In contrast to wood fencing, the longevity of tall metal fences is more than worth that little extra maintenance.

Robust and secure. Because tall fence panels are so strong, this it what makes them the ideal security fencing. You may have noticed security fences are made of wrought iron or of a brick wall with wrought iron fencing at the top. Our tall fencing panels will ensure trespassers are kept at bay from your home.

Modest. Unlike a wooden fence, tall metal fencing looks sleek and stylish, its design allowing the eye to pass through it and admire the splendour of the property rather than on the lacklustre stretch of fencing. When complemented with gorgeously designed landscaping, not a lot beats the traditional grandeur of metal fencing.

Traditional appearance. With its classic look, our tall metal fences bring a classic look to any home, evoking an era of days gone by.

Support for Plants. One of the main pluses of tall fences is that they offer support for landscaping. You may have spotted climbing plants and hedges gracing the edges of metal fence panels. In fact, many landscapers use wrought iron fencing as a robust structure on which to allow plants to climb.

What’s more, this type of fencing provides the ideal border for hedges and other plants to grow. So, as well as protecting your property from snooping eyes, plants will also help you dampen neighbour noise.

Where Can Tall Metal Fences be Fitted?

Tall fencing can be installed in all sorts of outdoor spaces, whether it’s to create a boundary around your property lines, or as a barrier in front of your home. At KP Engineering, we’ve created metal fencing for homeowners, local authority buildings, and businesses, and can create either a made to measure or completely bespoke fence for your property.

If you have a property that’s overlooked, then growing hedges on the inside of your fence will add some extra protection. Our tall fencing looks great when combined with some greenery such as neatly trimmed shrubs, and adds an elegant look to any property.

Get in Touch for More Information

Our tall fencing is made to the highest standards in our Wembley facility, and can be simply finished in a red oxide, ready to paint, or painted black, galvanised, or powdered coated.

We supply clients across London and the home counties with metal products, including trade customers, and can also install fencing for customers in London and the South East. For more information about any of our products, get a quote today by filling in our enquiry form.

Aside from tall fencing, we also offer short fence panels, wrought iron fences as well as railings, including wall toproof terraceJuliet, to name just a few. If you’re in need of some solid, secure metal gates for your property, you’ll be spoilt for choice. We offer single leaf short gatessingle leaf tall and much more.