Metal driveway gates are made from two gate panels which open either inwards or outwards, and can be locked in the middle. These double garden gates are often used in residential areas to block off driveways, or to secure front gardens, and there are many style options available to suit your property’s style.

Standard Range
Signature Range

Affordable Metal Driveway Gates with Exceptional Quality Manufactured in London

KP Engineering has a large manufacturing facility based in Wembley, and from here we create a wide range of double garden gates for residential and commercial customers. Your front gates can be made to measure, or fully bespoke for the perfect fit, and we have several options to help you create the right style. Our gates for driveway can be fitted with various railheads, or ornamental touches to add a stylish touch.

Metal Driveway Gates Design

If you plan to paint your own metal driveway gates in the colour of your choice, then we can deliver them with a coat of primer, ready to be painted. We can also add classic finishes from black paint, to powder coating, or they can be galvanised. This gives you lots of style options to suit the look of your property.

Metal driveway gates are often installed at the front of the property to stop pets wandering or avoid people parking on your drive, and they can be fitted with a latch for easy opening and closing. For extra security, we can add a deadlock, padlock, or even a combination key lock to deter intruders. Gate automation can be added, which is ideal for garden driveway gates, as it means there’s no need to get out your car to open them.

This hassle-free and convenient mechanism will keep you dry in case there is a storm and save your time.

Double Garden Gates on Demand

We established ourselves as a well-known brand over the years by manufacturing high-quality wrought iron products that can be made to measure and bespoke. KP Engineering strives to meet the expectations of every customer regardless of their taste so our metal driveway gates will certainly fit perfectly into any outdoor appearance.

We offer short garden driveway gates in various designs and infill panels. We have a standard and a signature range, and even that can be customised on demand. Our metal driveway gates can have a simple, traditional look with vertical infill bars that meet the top of the gate or you can select a more fancy version with ornamentals, within the infill panel. Adding nice railheads on double garden gates with curved bars will enrich the overall look and security of your property. Even though these front gates are short, we can still design them to match your garden fence style.

If you’d like a quote for tall estate gates, fencing, or any of our products, get a quote today by filling in our enquiry form. After you order, we will create computer aided designs to show what the finished product will look like, and before that we can give you a price based on your exact specifications or from our 3D designs.

Our Metalwork Your Way!

All of our products can be customised to meet your requirements.

Our infill bars can be made from hollow or solid bars. Their profile can also be round or square. Our railheads can be swapped with another type from a wide range of styles and we can even manufacture our products with or without railheads. Each products can be made with or without an arched top. When requesting a quotation please let us know if you have any preferences and we’ll be happy to help.