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Estate gates are a stylish, secure addition to homes, commercial properties, parks, or anywhere that needs a secure entry solution. Made with two panels, they can be built to open inwards or outwards, and secured with a deadlock, combination lock, or even an entry system with gate automation. This makes them a great solution for the entry to estates or restricted areas, and means you don’t have to leave your vehicle to gain access.

KP Engineering can create your double leaf tall gates in made to measure or bespoke sizes, and in various styles or finishes. You may just want elegant, contemporary gates without any embellishments, or you might want to add pretty railheads or other ornamentation for a classic look.

Our gates are used in a wide range of environments, and are ideal for keeping people out, or preventing animals and children from wandering out of your garden.

These tall gates are especially good for places where extra security might be needed such as car parks or the entrance of flats. For extra security, or a decorative touch, we can add railheads, which also stop unwanted birds, and are an excellent deterrent from intruders.

Your gates can be delivered across the UK, and we offer installation in London, the South East, and certain surrounding areas. They can arrive painted in primer, ready to be painted as you wish, or can be powder coated or painted black. If you’re unsure what your finished look will be, and need some inspiration, we can create a computer aided design (CAD) mock-up so you can make design decisions.

If you’re thinking of having metal railings or gates installed on your property, then call KP Engineering today on 020 8903 6599 to get a free quote. Or fill in our online enquiry form and we’ll get right back to you.