KP Engineering manufactures metal gates & iron railings, including Metal Side Gates for Houses, Outdoor Metal Gates, and Garden Metal Fencing, Iron Railings, Wrought Iron Wall Railings or any type of Iron Stair Railing, and Garden Railings made to measure. Established for over 30 years, client’s from all over Greater London choose us for the supply and installation of metal garden doors, wrought iron handrails for outdoor steps and more.

Located less than 10 miles away from Barnes SW13, we offer beautiful metal gates & iron railings which stand the test of time to our customers based in the Barnes area.

We offer a 3-year warranty on all of our products: we want you to know we have 100% confidence in the build quality of everything we produce.

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Send us site photos and rough measurements and we will review, analyse and send you an initial estimate called a “QuickQuote”. If you’re happy with our estimate, we can arrange a site visit to take your project to the next stage.


Metal Gates & Iron Railings in Barnes

Your metal gates & iron railings are the key to your security, safety and sense of well-being. You need your metal side gates and side gates to be strong, secure and enduring. Here at KP Engineering, we are skilled professionals in all aspects of manufacturing, supplying and installing only the very best garden metal fencing..

Your Project. Made in Wembley.

Strong, enduring and bespoke metal garden gates and iron railings are our speciality and your specific requirements are our primary concern. A welcoming yet secure home or business says a lot about what you value. You want to protect the people and the belongings you hold dear. In addition, you need wrought iron wall railings that show the outside world what is important to you. Your vision, your priorities, your sense of style, your iron iron railings. Hand made to order by our craftsmanship.

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We can help you to create your iron stair railing to your needs, designs and specifications. Together, we will produce the top quality gates and railings you need for your metalwork project. Open the gates to your future!

Get in touch with your requirement for tailor-made wrought iron gates or railings by filling out our GET A QUOTE form with product specifics and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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