We Manufacture Bespoke Metal Railing Products

KP Engineering designs, manufactures and supplies premium quality metal railings & wall metal railings for both commercial and residential use.  Our products are fully bespoke and can be supplied to your size requirements. They are available in a range of different colours or primer if you intend on painting them yourself. On the right you can see a gallery featuring a range of concepts / styles of railing including juliet railings, outdoor metal railings for steps, wall metal railings and more.

Why choose KP Engineering?

  • Superior quality railing products
  • Bespoke size, style & design
  • Excellent anti-rust/corrosion properties
  • Available in wrought iron
  • Short lead time
  • Competitive prices

Benefits of Our Wall Metal Railings

Fashionable and practical in equal measure, metal railings are timelessly stylish and fit in with most property types.

Whether you live in a modern or more traditional setting, these classic designs will complement both front gardens and look equally good in front of schools and office buildings.

Metal railings are used both for security and safety, and to add an attractive finish to any outdoor space.

At KP Engineering, we create bespoke outdoor metal railings for stairs, walls and more, for domestic and commercial clients.


What Are Metal Railings?

Our products are a wonderful alternative to the more old-style timber fencing panels. In residential properties, steel railings are usually fitted at a low level either from the ground or on top of a low-level brick wall to create contrast.

What’s more, metal railings also help to encourage awareness of space thanks to the open panel design which enables light to flood through and people to see beyond the periphery fencing.

Why Are Metal Railing Used?

Wherever you live in the UK, metal railings are especially important on business premises where you’ll need to comply with strict health and safety laws. Outdoor steps can also become dangerous in wet or icy conditions, and so you may need us to install metal hand railings to keep visitors safe when they enter or exit your building.

Where Are Metal Railing Used in the UK?

Metal rail panels are often used on balconies and terraces for safety reasons and can be manufactured with elegant embellishments to add visual appeal. As with traditional wooden fences, the metal panels are inserted into posts, making a strong, sturdy barrier.

Benefits of Metal Railings

Adding metal rail fencing to your property can add a stylish finish without blocking your view. In residential areas, it’s a popular choice for front gardens as it looks much more attractive than wooden panels, and is both subtle and elegant. It’s often used in parks and outdoor spaces attached to commercial buildings, as it makes a garden feel larger and more open.

When you buy these metal railings you’ll find they’re very easy to install. They can be fitted using metal posts which are simply concreted into the ground, or bolted onto your low-level brick wall.

Maintaining the new clean look is very easy as you simply touch up any scratches or marks with a little black gloss paint. And because they are made from quality galvanised metal that’s been powder coated, our metal railings are extra durable and won’t rust or degrade after being exposed to the elements for lengthy periods. They will stay looking new for years to come.Quality Metal Railings in London

We can measure and fit sturdy and secure hand rails, and offer a wide range of styles to ensure they blend it perfectly with your building. KP Engineering can also supply and install metal railing panels in many distinctive styles, and finished in a colour of your choice.

KP Engineering’s metal railings are designed and manufactured to deliver both safety and striking visual characteristics, all in our own planning and manufacturing sites.

We’ll take care of the entire process from design to manufacture and installation. A major use for metal balustrades is safety reasons. If there are any hazardous areas on your property, from ponds to steep drops, metal rails can help prevent accidents.

Common Types of Metal Railing

Some of the most common types of metal barrier include Garden Railings, Stair Railings, Driveway Railings, Railings for Commercial Premises, Perimeter Railings and more. There are various railing styles suited for different applications. Many homeowners looking to add railings to their property will look for wall top railings, garden railings or London style railings.


The most common materials used for railings includes traditional wrought iron, modern stainless steel and aluminium. Wrought iron is often the material of choice due to its durability, style and strength. Wrought Iron is usually painted in darker colours to add a prestige look and feel to properties where they are installed.