Collapsible Security Grilles

Security is a concern to everyone these days. Be it at work, when travelling and of course at home. We always want to ensure that our homes and treasured possessions are protected, but the primary concern is to protect our families. Since criminals get more sophisticated and determined, we always aim at reviewing our ideas of security.

Do you think electrical devices are offering you the best security? Well, yes, but this is up to a point. These devices may alert you or your security providers but the question is how long will it take for a response? Before help can reach you, the attack can be over, and your valuables taken or worse, someone might be injured.

Therefore, your solution is to have effective physical barriers that can be used together with the electrical system. This will help keep everything and everyone in your home or workplace safe. For this reason, here at KP Engineering we offer you the best and high quality security grilles.

Who Are We?

KP Engineering is a well-known security grilles company based in London that delivers on it’s promise. We provide you with both internal and external fitted security products. Our products not only offer you security, but they also provide visual attractiveness.

Internal Concertina Grilles

These are door grilles or window grilles that are fitted from the inside of the house. This can be retractable window security grilles, retractable sliding grilles, doorway grilles, steel folding shutters or window grilles.

These products are made of top quality galvanised steel. Moreover, they are powder coated; hence, the products are resistant to scratching, chipping or any other wear due to the thermal bonding that they undergo.

Why Use Internal Security Grilles

Whether you want to use them for commercial, industrial, or domestic purposes, you will always be at peace since you are sure that everything and everyone is safe. We call it peace of mind.

These products are built to match your requirements. Besides, they can be designed to fit unobtrusively and to match any colour scheme of your preference. Have you ever imagined of your house with a secure door grill gate that provides you with easy access when it comes to locking it? We provide exactly that.

Our security grilles give you a high level of protection and a standard locking system. These products are available in a wide range of configuration. However, the bottom line is that you will have the most durable highest quality type of grilles.

Quality Security Products from KP Engineering

We are not only specialised in internal security products only, but we also provide external and collapsible grills as well. Our collapsible grilles include both collapsible folding grilles or sometimes known as concertina grilles too. Along with the mentioned products, we also provide iron fencing, sliding gates, metal railings, terrace balustrades and handrails.

Does security matters to you? If it’s a yes, please feel free to contact KP Engineering so that we can help secure your home against burglars.