Internal Fixed Security Grilles

Looking for security grilles for house windows? Or perhaps you’re looking for commercial security grilles. Whatever the case, we supply an extensive range of fixed security grilles in and around London.

KP Engineering can install and deliver to premises across the UK and provide excellent office and home security grills to deter intruders, whether your building is occupied or empty. Our products can be fitted internally or externally, and as well as securing your premises, security shutters provide good insulation, ventilation and sound-proofing.

What Are Internal Fixed Security Grilles?

Beat the burglars with our internal security fixed grilles products, which are ideal for windows and doors. They’re manufactured for use as internal security grilles for use in medium to high-security applications for domestic, commercial and industrial purposes.

The bars are constructed from top-quality wrought iron metal and come powder coated as standard.

Common in numerous applications, our security grilles are made here in the UK and typically fitted on the inside of windows – perfect if you’re looking for bespoke, decorative door and window grilles.

Designed to protect both your home and working premises, window security bars – otherwise known as widow burglar bars or window grill inserts – are recognised, tested, certified and approved by insurance companies.

Why Use Internal Security Grilles?

What with the unfortunate acts of crime and vandalism on the up, now’s as good a time as ever to install quality security grills without compromising on aesthetic appeal. With their discreet, stylish designs, these mechanisms provide a physical deterrent for intruders and burglars, offering a good alternative to a burglar alarm which only sounds and alerts once a forced entry has already been made.

While there are other ways of being able to protect windows, internal fixed security grilles don’t lose their visual appeal, sporting inconspicuous and chic designs whether open or closed. They’re a popular choice alongside external fixed security gates and collapsible security grilles.

These safety applications are an efficient, unassuming way to safeguard your premises. Even better, they’re effortless to look after, even simpler to operate and can provide high levels of security all while looking great as well – there’s not a lot else you could get from a physical security product!

No matter what security solution you need, rest assured that our grilles are manufactured to the highest standards. Each product is stock tested in our factory before it’s shipped out to you and our reliable team can arrange fast installations in London as well as many other towns and cities across the UK. 

Quality Security Products from KP Engineering

We also supply external and collapsible grilles alongside numerous other products, including metal railingsiron fencingwall top railingssliding gatesLondon style railings and much more.