Bi-Fold Gates Tall

What Are Sliding Bifold Gates?

Also known folding entrance gates or sliding folding gates, bifolding gates provide an economical solution unlike sliding gates that may restrict space.

What’s more, they also have the benefit of being able to open one of the four leafs for pedestrian use. And by opening the gates completely, you’ll also benefit from a wider entrance.

The individual leafs are kept in line by deliberately placed drop bolts, which reduces the operating space needed to open and close the gate. If a driveway is on a slope or parking space is limited, this can be especially helpful.


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  • Bi-Fold Gates Tall Specifications

    Typical Specification -
    Frame: 30x30x2.5 box section
    Infills: 12mm solid round or 16mm hollow
    Lock: Padlock lever.
    Selection of railheads available.
    Product is made to measure and spec can vary.
    Range of finising options (primer, painted black, galvanised, galvanised and powder coated).
    Full specification will be provided in our quotations and drawings.

  • Our Tall Four-Fold Gates

    Bi-folding gates an ideal solution for where space is limited or there are large inward slopes and tall sliding or swing gates cannot be used. Bi-fold gates require good solid brick piers or heavy-duty steel posts for fixing due to their weight.

    Benefits of Commercial and Residential Bi Folding Gates

    Bi-Fold Gates are designed with a host of advantages over other types of gates. If you’re interested in bi-folding gates, then it’s worth knowing that they offer the following benefits:

    Quick – dubbed as ‘speed gates’, they’re designed in such a way that they open and close faster than sliding or swing gates.

    Enhanced security – since they open and close speedily, there’s less chance of intruders or other potential security breaches entering your property.

    Take up less room – automatic accordion gates are a space-saving option, and don’t require space to the side like a sliding gate and can also be fitted on inclining locations.

    Simple to operate – so avoids the high maintenance costs associated with cables, springs and bottom tracks.

    Open sideways – the gates are sideways opening meaning the foremost edges can constantly be seen and thus less prone to damage from vehicles.

    Where Are Folding Metal Gates Used?

    Some common uses for bi-folding speed gates include:

    • Big depots with high stock levels
    • Staff car parks with high traffic flow
    • Industrial locations
    • High security commercial grounds
    • Used as bifold driveway gates in residential premises


    To Sum Up Foldable Gate Designs…

    So, in summary, folding gate designs are often used where there’s incessant or high levels of vehicle traffic. They’re also vital for when a gate shuts after each individual vehicle passes through, as they then open swiftly again for the next one – perfect for a staff car park entrance, for example.

    Often made from wrought iron, folding gates, or bifolding gates as they’re also called, offer benefits over swing gates and sliding gates in certain applications.

    Thanks to their ability to open and close in less time than a swing or sliding gate, bi-folding gates are ideal for when security constraints determine that an entrance should only stay open for the minimum amount time.

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