Single Leaf Framed Gates

If you need single panel gates with an extra level of security, then our single leaf framed gates are an ideal solution. Framed gates are stronger than traditional metal gates, as they feature an external frame, and we offer bespoke and made to measure solutions for all sorts of properties. You’ll often see single leaf framed gates used between alleyways, or anywhere where you want to restrict access. The shape of them makes them ideal for tall, narrow spaces, and they can be made to various heights, and installed to existing metal railings, brick walls, or posts. They can be built with a strong, sturdy handle, and locked by padlock, combination, or many different types of lock. We offer single leaf framed gates in modern, basic styles, which can be see through, or can have a panel added for privacy. We also offer more classic styles, with features such as decorative railheads which are both secure and look good. As with all our metal gates, our framed gates can be delivered across the UK, and we supply and fit in certain areas around London and the South East. Your gates can simply be coated in primer for a DIY paint job, or can be painted and powder coated, ready to be installed right away. If you want to find out more about our range of framed gates and the options available, then simply call today for a no-obligation quote on 020 8903 6599, or fill in our online enquiry form.

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  • Single Leaf Framed Gates Specifications

    Typical Specification -
    Outer Frame: 40x40x2.5 box section or 50x50x2.5 box section
    Gate Frame: 30x30x2.5 box section or 40x40x2.5 box section
    Infills: 12mm solid round bar, 16mm hollow or 20mm hollow
    Lock: Deadlock, Sashlock, Combination keypad lock. Selection of railheads available.
    Product is made to measure and spec can vary.
    Range of finising options (primer, painted black, galvanised, galvanised and powder coated).
    Full specification will be provided in our quotations and drawings.
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