Terrace Railings

The addition of terrace railings to rooftops, gardens, patios and balconies can bring safety, security, style and privacy to any residential or commercial property.

At KP Engineering, we manufacture our own terrace railings so that you can avail of a custom solution for your needs. Whether you’re outfitting a home, office, public park, restaurant or any other space with terraced railings, our experts can create the perfect fencing solution. We can work with period and new-build properties along with just about anything in between, creating classic wrought-iron inspired garden and roof terrace railingsalong with numerous other options as required.

Terrace railings may be an important safety feature, but this doesn’t mean they have to be strictly perfunctory. With our made-to-measure installation and range of custom finishes, you can make sure that your terrace railings are as stylish as they are practical.


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  • Terrace Railings Specifications

    Typical Specification -
    Horizontal rails: 40x12x6 half round bar
    Infills: 12mm solid round bar
    Posts: 40x40x2.5 box section.
    Product is made to measure and spec can vary
    Range of finishing options - primer, painted black, galvanised, or galvanised and powder coated
    Full specification will be provided in our quotations and drawings.
  • Why choose terrace railings?

    Bespoke terraced railings can be used to separate outdoor spaces, prevent falls and accidents, and add security and privacy all while delivering style to the chosen area.

    If you have a rooftop space or doors that open up onto an outdoorarea, you may want to install roof terrace railingsthat can prevent accidents and provide some privacy. If you have a raised patio area, terrace, or a split-level garden, the addition of terrace railings can help prevent accidents by fencing off hazards such as inclines or water features. If you have a commercial property or manage an area open to the general public such as a park or play area, our terrace railingshelp you keep visitors safe whilst adhering to all relevant building regulations. We’ll make sure that the terraces are built to the right specs in terms of both height and spaces between the paneling to ensure they are hard to climb or fall over. In addition to fitting terrace railings, we can also install matching terrace stair balustradesto complete the look, which can work nicely in gardens, patios and other outdoor areas. We can work with any existing metalwork to add something that blends in easily, or we can create a solution from scratch to match your property type.

    Enquire about ourrailings andterrace stair balustrades

    At KP Engineering, we offer a wide range of terrace railings to suit all sorts of properties.

    We can create classic black terrace railings for traditional installations – for example, we can develop fencing in the style of wrought iron terrace railings (similar to London-style railings). We can also create contemporary minimalist styles that are better suited to newer properties, and as all our railings are custom made in the UK in our Wembley factory, and can be primed, painted black, galvanised, or powder coated to achieve your desired look.

    If you’re thinking of having terrace railings installed in a domestic or commercial property, a member of our team can visit your premises and provide you with a custom quote. To find out more, call KP Engineering today on 020 8903 6599.

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