At KP Engineering, we design, manufacture and supply supreme quality railings. These made to measure and bespoke metal railings and wrought iron railings are manufactured in London for both commercial and residential use.

Affordable Railings with Exceptional Quality Manufactured in London

How you define your boundaries and secure your home or business, says a great deal about your values. We will support you in making that very personal and often professional statement.

Above all, our iron railings are made exactly to your expectations in both appearance and size. In addition, they are available in a range of colours to fit your design specifications. However, should you wish to add your own colour, we can also provide you with railings in primer ready for you to paint them yourself or you can take them as galvanised and powder coated in most RAL colours.

With that in mind, take a look at the gallery on this page which features a stunning array of design and style concepts for all kinds of railings requirements. Our concepts include outdoor metal railings, wrought iron railings, wall railings, garden railings, railings designed especially for steps or stairs, balcony railings and, of course, the ever stylish and stunning Juliet balcony railings.

In all honesty, we are extremely proud of the quality railings and metal railings we produce here at KP Engineering. Our determination to provide a bespoke, professional and timeless product is our historic aim. With that in mind, it is only fair to have a little look at the history of wrought iron railings.

By way of example, presumed to be one of the first, most prominent and recorded historical uses of railings around property, involves London’s very own St Paul’s Cathedral – just over 13 miles away from our own premises here in Wembley.

An earlier version of St Pauls Cathedral, which had stood on the same site, was extensively damaged during the Great Fire of London in 1666.

The story goes that Sir Christopher Wren, the architect who designed and oversaw the construction of the cathedral we know today, begun in 1675, and was determined that any railings which were to be installed around the building must be made of wrought iron.

Wren’s plans for the railings, circa 1709, and referenced on the official St Paul’s website, were dropped by the building committee which opted for more extensive and wide-ranging cast iron railings to encircle a larger area. They were incredibly expensive and were supplied by an independent outworker who was not an ironsmith and was someone of whom Wren did not approve. Wren’s doubts proved to be right because the railings, which took more than four years to be constructed and fitted, needed to be amended on numerous occasions.

Other similarly early uses of wrought iron for grandiose railings and gates include the magnificent ‘White Gates’ which frame Leeswood Hall in Flintshire, North Wales created by renowned 18th century ironsmiths the Davies Brothers of Bersham near Wrexham.

The wrought iron railings of London City hit the headlines in the early decades of the 20th century during the suffragette movement when women fighting for the right to vote, chained themselves to railings in an attempt for their protests to be heard.

In particular, one example involves a Miss Nell who attached herself to the iron railings directly outside the Prime Minister’s official residence in Downing Street, London and, as a result, enjoyed ample time to make her fervent speech while police officers worked hard to free her.

Indeed, similar protests which took advantage of the strength and longevity of wrought iron include those by Olivia Smith and Edith New who had chained themselves to the same railings in 1908 to distract police offices so their colleague in ‘crime’ could sneak into Number 10 and disrupt a cabinet meeting!

Wrought iron railings have surrounded many church yards and buildings around the UK for centuries. However, an altogether different use was found for railings during the wartimes of the 20th century. In the course of the Second World War (1939-45) a very large number of wrought iron railings were excavated around the UK to be melted down and reused for armaments.

It is said, however, that thousands of those removed from public buildings, roadside boundaries and church yards around London were never actually used and were thrown into the River Thames. Legend has it that there were so many railings lying on the famous London riverbed that captains needed help to be guided out to sea because the metal was playing havoc with their compasses!

Paradoxically, a small number of fences today found around the perimeters of some South London homes are surviving examples of the little-known but especially constructed 600,000 steel and wire ‘stretchers’ used by the Air Raid protection teams to aid the casualties of the Second World War ‘blitz’’.

In 1997 a City of Westminster Report into the status of 11,000 buildings in the area, labelled as of ‘special architectural or historic interest’ focused on the up-keep, refurbishment and layout of their associated railings. The report said that railings and ironwork are such important part of the celebrated past buildings and visual appeal of Westminster that they will be protected in equal measure to other, more famous examples of structural design.

Why choose railings created by KP Engineering?

  • Extremely fashionable and practical in equal measure, our railings are timelessly stylish and enhance a wide range of property styles and statements.

  • What is more, our promise to provide truly bespoke style, size and design options means that metal railings and wrought iron railings will enrich the appeal of your property features.

  • Whether you have a sprawling front garden or a kerbside entrance, land that needs to be safely secured or entrance steps that need a sturdy yet stylish handrail, KP Engineering is the pathway to your much needed superior quality railing products and your strong statement to the outside world.

  • Furthermore, our iron and metal railings, wall railings, metal garden railings, garden railings and balcony railings boast excellent anti-rust/corrosion properties when taken in a galvanised and powder coated finish.

  • We are experts in designing and creating railings for homes or commercial sites in equal measure and we are extremely proud of the products we create in conjunction with our clients’ needs.

  • From initial contact we work incredibly hard to ensure that your railings of the highest quality are completed in the shortest of lead times and sold to you at the most competitive prices.

We Manufacture Bespoke Metal Railing Products

KP Engineering designs, manufactures and supplies premium quality metal railings & wall metal railings for both commercial and residential use.  Our products are fully bespoke and can be supplied to your size requirements. They are available in a range of different colours or primer if you intend on painting them yourself. On the right you can see a gallery featuring a range of concepts / styles of railing including juliet railings, outdoor metal railings for steps, wall metal railings and more.

Why choose KP Engineering?

  • Superior quality railing products

  • Bespoke size, style & design

  • Excellent anti-rust/corrosion properties

  • Available in wrought iron

  • Short lead time

  • Competitive prices

Benefits of Our Wall Metal Railings

Fashionable and practical in equal measure, metal railings are timelessly stylish and fit in with most property types.

Whether you live in a modern or more traditional setting, these classic designs will complement both front gardens and look equally good in front of schools and office buildings.

Metal railings are used both for security and safety, and to add an attractive finish to any outdoor space.

At KP Engineering, we create bespoke outdoor metal railings for stairs, walls and more, for domestic and commercial clients.