Balcony Railings & Garden Railings by KP Engineering are a superb range of decorative and practical railings for both gardens and balcony’s that provide safety whilst enhancing the beauty of your property.

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Affordable Balcony Railings & Garden Railings Made in London

Balcony railings & garden railings are essential if you want to enhance the look of your roof terrace. Adding balcony railings, hand rails or metal balustrades to your beautiful garden or roof terrace is not only a great way to transform your outdoor space but it also adds the necessary safety and security elements.

Whether you have a period property or one of more contemporary design, we have a wide range of highest quality garden railings and roof terrace railings.

High-quality Balcony Railings on Demand

Every balcony railings & garden railings is produced in London by our highly skilled craftsmen, but we deliver across London and the home counties. We have a fantastic range of garden railings and patio railings but we can build unique bespoke balcony railings and garden railings based on your request. Our traditional, timeless wrought iron railings are always popular for period properties, though, equally add charming appeal to more contemporary new builds. We at KP Engineering, have added the finest iron railings to terraces on London high builds through to roof terraces on top of small cottage kitchens.

Our wrought iron railings can be made to any specification, depending on your requirements and your budget. From our standard budget range and our signature premium range through to our London style traditional Victorian railings, all of our balcony railings for gardens and roof terraces come with any form of embellishment such as handrails, metal gates, wrought iron railings and balustrades and period railing heads.

They can be curved or straight, black, galvanised and powder coated or simply just primed ready for you to paint them any colour you desire.

Balcony Railings for Roof Terraces

The addition of a balcony railing to rooftops, gardens, patios and balconies can bring safety, security, style and privacy to any residential or commercial property.

At KP Engineering, we manufacture our own roof terrace railings so that you can avail of a custom solution for your needs. Whether you’re outfitting a home, office, public park, restaurant or any other space with a balcony railing, our experts can create the perfect metal fencing solution. We can work with period and new-build properties along with just about anything in between, creating classic wrought-iron inspired garden and roof terrace railings along with numerous other options as required.

Wrought iron railings may be an important safety feature, but this doesn’t mean they have to be strictly perfunctory. With our made-to-measure installation and range of custom finishes, you can make sure that your balcony railings & garden railings are as stylish as they are practical.

Balcony Railings & Garden Railings

We make bespoke and made to measure balcony railings & garden railings with a variety of decorative infills. We offer state-of-the-art stainless steel frame and glass panel railings for customers with refined taste but we also have elegant wrought iron railings, long-established over the UK.

These iron railings are perfect for decorating your estate and improving the security of your property. The combination of our skills, tradition, brilliant design and dedication make a perfect match to meet your expectations and fulfil your ideas. The garden railings we manufacture with a galvanised and powder coated finish are ideal for low maintenance, but also long-standing and resistant to corrosion.

We work to industry standard specifications for roof terrace railings, for example ensuring no gap is larger than 100mm and the overall guarding height is 1100mm high.

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Our Metalwork Your Way!

All of our products can be customised to meet your requirements.

Our infill bars can be made from hollow or solid bars. Their profile can also be round or square. Our railheads can be swapped with another type from a wide range of styles and we can even manufacture our products with or without railheads. Each products can be made with or without an arched top. When requesting a quotation please let us know if you have any preferences and we’ll be happy to help.