What is a Juliet Balcony?

Thinking about buying a French doors-style Juliet balcony? If you have large windows or doors in your home or flat, then a modern Juliet balcony is a wonderful option, providing an extra level of security, especially if you have children or pets in the home.

What’s more, they enable you to open your doors and windows in the summer without any risk of danger. Also known as a Romeo & Juliet balcony or exterior door, a Juliet doors balcony allows light and air into a property, and stands out as a robust and long-lasting home addition.  Steel is most commonly used for a Juliet balcony Verona, although glass is also a popular material, as it allows more light into the interior space, adding to the aesthetics of a building façade.

Juliet Balconies Offer Style, Function and Aesthetic Appeal

Juliet railings are an interesting feature that can help you open up living rooms or bedrooms. Also known as balconets, Juliet balconies are made up of a railing placed over large windows which reach to the floor. When the doors are open, it gives the appearance of a balcony. This is an excellent way to let in more light and air to rooms on the first floor or above, and this look is suitable for both contemporary and traditional homes.

Juliet or Juliette balconies are gorgeous architectural features which aren’t a type of balcony you can walk on but act more like a shielding or guard in front of an opening or door. ‘Juliets’ are a favourite in terms of architectural styles and are a cost-effective way of adding a balcony to residential developments, even if the structures weren’t built with them.

An essential element of this balcony is its railing. The Juliet balcony railing is so well-designed that it lets light and air into the house doubling as a sturdy and hard-wearing railing material, with wrought iron being the preferred material.

Benefits of Wrought Iron Juliet Balcony Railings

These railings have become incredibly popular in flats and houses. Did you know Juliet windows were inspired by the famous balcony scene in Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, hence their name? But fantasy aside, why are they such a popular addition to a home?

  • They’re totally safe
  • Allow a large amount of light into a room without compromising on the safety of your home/business
  • A wonderful way to open up your home during the summer months
  • Allow you to enjoy spectacular views from the comfort of your home
  • Bring a stylish touch to a property

Styles of Juliet Balcony Railings

A Juliet window balcony is most commonly made from steel, offering a strong and aesthetically pleasing extra to any living space. A Juliet style balcony can really complement your home décor, adding a touch of style and luxury – especially to Victorian homes. Here are just some of the styles we have to offer:

  • Wrought iron Juliet balconies
  • Frameless
  • Frameless glass
  • Stainless steel designs

About Our Juliet Balconies for Sale

KP Engineering offers a wide range of Juliet railings in assorted styles, including straight and curved rails, and like all our products, they’re made to be safe and sturdy. You can choose a range of finishes, including powder coated, black, and galvanised railings, as well as glass Juliet balconies, and we can create a CAD drawing to show how the finished product will look. Our Juliet railings are manufactured in the UK, and installed by skilled tradespeople, or we can simply supply the railings for your own installation.

So, if you’re considering modernising a traditional home or creating contemporary living accommodation and fancy the idea of incorporating the advantages of a balcony, a Juliet is an excellent choice. Rather than having an extended steel structure constructed, you could simply plump for the more economical features of this attractive option.

Here at KP Engineering, we believe Juliets can bring a touch of class to a home, which is why we construct and stock bespoke Juliet balconies for both residential and commercial properties.

If you’re looking for a Juliet balcony, steel balustrades or even a steel staircase to improve the aesthetics of a property then be sure to get in touch with the expert team here at KP Engineering.

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