Wall Handrails for Stairs

Brighten up your existing wall with our metal wall hand rails. If you’re tired of seeing wood and want additional support up the stairs or along a ramp, but fear sacrificing your modern design, look no further.

Here at KP Engineering, we’re eager to meet the needs of our existing and potential customers, and know there’s a huge demand for metal wall handrails.

Happily, we have the very latest, elegant and sleek stair hand rail kits for you.

Where Are Handrails Used in the UK?

Iron wall handrails can be fitted to stepped areas, ramps or any area which requires the use of a handrail. The handrail can be flat, half round or circular.

Handrailings or hand rails are usually found in the below locations:

  • At bath and shower entrances/exits and around toilets and for other accessibility needs

Types of Wall Hand Rails in the UK

As with most of our other products – including tall fencessingle leaf short gates and more – our stylish metal railings for stairs are specially made to order and come in three elegant styles, including iron stair railing and even stainless steel.

When Are Handrails Required?

The mandate on when and where wall hand railing is needed – whether it be on steps, landings, decks or stairs – is usually down to your local building code official.

Typically, the building code requirement for stair railings necessitates handrailings on stairs that have a total rise of three feet (91.44cm) or more.

The Importance of Wall Hand Rails for Stairs

A lot of staircases are fully enclosed with walls on both sides. This means a wall mounted handrail is the only option to give support and safety on the staircase.

If you have a wide staircase, our metal staircase railing may be needed. In homes where there are elderly or physically challenged persons, an additional handrail on the wall adjacent to the railing can be a particularly handy feature to instill confidence and enhance safety when using the stairs.

KP Engineering offers complete stair hand rail kits, complete with all you need to add a chic new wall handrail to your staircase. Inside, you’ll find all the necessary components for a wall mounted handrail, including rails, wall brackets and more.

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