Here at KP Engineering we manufacture bespoke wrought iron fences for both residential and commercial applications. Our tailor-made wrought iron fencing can add both elegance and style to your properties presentation as well as offering additional security features. All of our fence products are made to measure and can be tailored around specific requirements. We understand that you may want metalwork for a whole variety of reasons, whatever the project we can assist with the design, manufacture and supply.

Wrought iron fences are growing in popularity throughout the UK…

Especially for affluent residences and commercial properties where both security and aesthetic appearance matters. Our wrought iron can be customised to feature a range of architectural curves and shapes to mimic a range of themes from Victorian to Elizabethan. We offer a range of different finishing options including primer, painted, galvanised and powder coated. For the more discerning clients we offer a range of fabricated embellishments and elegant styling options with rust protection and reduced maintenance requirements.

Our iron fences can be used for property entrances creating a perimeter or for rear gardens, property enclosures or private spaces. Our fences can be supplied in short, medium or tall options with no restrictions on length.


We can design a bespoke fencing solution
for your needs:

The engineering team can assist with specifications / design planning and application. The framework will be made to suit the size of the fence that you specify in your order. Our internal engineers will calculate the allowances required for joints, hinges & connecting features. Wrought iron for gardens allows for more natural light over conventional fencing, they also have the benefit of increased strength, lower maintenance and better resilience against high winds / storm damage.

Our fabrication process means we can combine other structures into perimeter fences including gates, railings, electric gates, balustrades and more.

We ensure that all product materials are to the highest quality standards to ensure the delivery of a high quality product that is designed to last as well as helping to benefit / complement a properties aesthetics.

For commercial applications we can supply complete (and substantial) wrought iron fence solutions for larger perimeters or higher fences as an additional thieve deterrent. We have a team of surveyors, CAD technicians, fabricators and installers at the ready to assist with the design, manufacture, delivery and installation of commercial fencing.

For residential applications we can provide a wide range of fences made from wrought iron from small/short perimeter fences to large perimeter fences with integrated gates, electrical gates & more.