Gates are complementary to any property where they are installed, offering both beautiful aesthetics combined with enhanced security and peace of mind. Popular amongst properties in affluent areas and properties which have lots of front / rear space for parking / substantial driveways etc.

Wrought iron gates can be used for entry management to a property as well as being used for perimeter access for gardens, porches, plots and commercial land. The appearance of iron gates alone prompts many to choose this product type over conventional wooden fencing.

Have your wrought iron gates designed
& manufactured exactly how you want them…

Here at KP Engineering our team of designers and fabricators can help guide you from design stage through to the delivery and installation of high quality metalwork gates.

We can supply gates either in a basic primer, painted or galvanised depending on your style preference. Our popular gate types include wrought iron estate gates, wrought iron garden gates, wrought iron side gates and wrought iron drive / driveway gates. We can provide gates complete with perimeter fencing / railings as well as security components for gate access management.

Using the latest in advanced fabrication techniques and expert craftsmanship our iron gates are second to none. Offering the combination of quality, style and elegance along with lower maintenance routines and significant longevity over wooden equivalents.


We manufacture and supply beautiful, bespoke / tailor-made iron gates made to your exact specifications / requirements.

If you are looking for iron gates for sale look no further, we can give you a quick quote based on some basic specifications. Our wrought iron gate designs are second to none. Popular utilisations of this product type include wrought iron security gates, entry gates, and access management gates. Far stronger and more robust then wooden and plastic equivalents.

Even though we are competitively priced and can offer cheap products we never compromise on quality and ensure that fabricated items undergo strict quality control. Whether you are looking for black, red, white or powder coated wrought iron gates we can paint and customise to your requirements. Simply provide us with measurements / dimensions or speak to a member of our sales team and we’ll help run you through a quote.

We can provide information and guidance on maintenance, product suitability, dimensions, security features and more. To find out more get a quote today by filling in our enquiry form.